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Legal brothel

Working in the regulated sex industry in Victoria is legal and safe. There is no law against working with a licensed brothel but the law prohibits advertisements for prostitutes.  


Hibiscus Pleasure abide by sex laws and regulations. We are more than happy to answer any inquiries about the Australian sex industry.

Environment & Service

Hibiscus Pleasure are devoted to the task of providing a safe, secure and friendly working space for our sex workers such as,

- An experienced team of staff

- 1st class CCTV cameras and monitors

And in general, a modern, safe and secure sanctuary.

In order to attain this, we use a prudent yet flexible system to oversee our business. All workers are welcome to temporarily accommodate themselves in our place.

WORKing in the industry

Working in the modulated sex industry is authorized and safe. We are currently seeking industrious and efficient staff to work for us.

- Receptionist

- Manager

- Cleaner

-Sex Workers

Please contact us at 9874 3388 if you are interested in working in a serene atmosphere with harmonious and skilled staff.

‘Hibiscus Pleasure' will not advertise for sex workers. If there are any inquiries, however, please contact us at 9874 3388.

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